Tropical-type blister aluminum
Stamping cold hard piece of solid medicinal compound
Suppository compound aluminum foil
Pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil
Pharmaceutical packaging composite film
Aluminum/polyethylene composite film for packaging medicines
Pharmaceutical packaging composite film
Heated foil
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Adhere to people-oriented, and give full play and respect for the individual capacities.
Adhere to the character first, ability second criteria for appointment.
Adhere to the "virtuous without it, their German available, talented without Germany, which was difficult to use" and the principle of making it.
To create a good brand-name products in order to stimulate each and every employee's sense of honor, carry forward the "solidarity, hard work, commitment to reform, pioneering" spirit of enterprise, all to be proud of the values of dedication and innovation.
Care for our staff to address the practical problems of employees, focusing on the training level of staff capacity in the labor system, personnel system and the distribution system to fully embody democracy, equality, competition, efficiency principle, for the staff to create a good working environment, foster a group of loyal to the cause of HUAYAO staff, so that every employee and business grow together.

Character to the product, the product reflects the character. Each HUAYAO, have should have the following behavior:
The real character of
------ Frank and trustworthy, self-discipline A positive initiative
------ Fear no hardship and perseverance in order to do a good job with great enthusiasm Good spirit of cooperation
------Subject to the overall situation, the same boat A strong sense of responsibility
----- Dedication honest unity and cooperation to forge ahead

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