Tropical-type blister aluminum
Stamping cold hard piece of solid medicinal compound
Suppository compound aluminum foil
Pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil
Pharmaceutical packaging composite film
Aluminum/polyethylene composite film for packaging medicines
Pharmaceutical packaging composite film
Heated foil
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Tropical-type blister aluminum
Aluminum Plastic Aluminum
Brief introduction:
As the shield of PVC hard films for blister packaging, it doesn’t directly contact foods or drugs, suitable for high-density drugs.
High barrier performance against moisture, oxygen, light and UV rays.
Used as special packaging materials for the drugs under the extreme(high or low temperature) environment.
Commonly dominated by gold and silver color, the surface can be beautifully printed for advertising.

Main application:

It can be applied in capsules, tablets and other aluminum plastic aluminum blister packaging. Structures:
OPA 30μ / AL 60μ / VC PET 30μ / AL 60μ / VC

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